Friday, February 2, 2018

End Of Day Pickup Reminders

Parents: Please remember that if you will be picking up your children at anytime BEFORE 2:35pm (K-4) or before 2:45pm (5th-8th) then you MUST come to the school office and sign your child out.

Please DO NOT use the preschool/playground door to pick your children up. When you come and use the bell at that end of the building at the end of the day you wake up our knapping preschoolers.

This includes kindergarten parents—your kids are now at the other end of the building. Children will be excused out on the playground and must be picked up from there—either by pedestrian parents or parents lined up along the building for car pickup.

We understand parents want to “Beat the Traffic” and come at 2:25pm but please wait until the end of the day with the other parents and get your child from the playground area.

*There will always be a legitimate reason for some early pickups.

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