Sunday, January 15, 2017

Still Have Challenges To Face

Looking back at 2016 it is clear that God’s Spirit has been at work here at Bethany. God has provided for our needs and blessed us even as we in our human condition have wondered how to make things happen.

As we begin 2017 we still have challenges to face. The devil and his forces will try to thwart our efforts to grow Christ’s church. He tries to discourage us by instilling apathy, fear, despair, conflict and other negatives into our hearts.

But we need not despair!! God has promised to be with us always. God tells us not to worry and that he will provide. He has things under control. We need to step out in faith and trust in him both corporately and individually.

We are in a rebuilding effort. This challenge is not to be carried solely on Pastor Greg’s shoulders, but is to be shouldered by every single member. Christ is the Head, Pastor is the coach and we the members are the troops. Members of Bethany what can you do to share the load?

Consider the following Bible verses. Matthew 6-19 talks about priorities, Matthew 6-25 and Luke 12 25 talks about trust and that God will provide, Paul says in Romans 8-31 that if God is for us who can be against us, first Corinthians 12 talks about how God equips His church for good works for the building up of believers, and James 2-14 talks about faith and deeds.

When we called Pastor Greg, we promised we would support the calling of an assistant Pastor. How much are you willing to trust God and step up and financially support the call by increasing your giving so we can fulfill the promise we gave?

On Sunday January 29th, we the members of Bethany will have the opportunity to show our support for God’s work here at Bethany by pledging our financial and hands on support. Please prayerfully consider all God has done for you, the promises he has made to you, and what you can give back for the growth of His kingdom.

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